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Security Rating Services

Simplify Cyber Risk for Executive Management

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Board and management friendly cyber risk reporting

Seamlessly obtain from the organization's external security posture in an objective and transparent manner

Coverage across externally relevant use cases

Gain valuable insights with ratings and identification of issues across 11 risk categories for a comprehensive understanding of your security posture.

Ongoing progress report

Track and measure your organization's external risk score on a daily basis

Intuitive grading system

Easy to understand A-F grading identified across different risk categories

Accurate and fair scoring

Achieve objective grading for your organization for your organization's external cyber risk score.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To simplify Cyber Risk for your Executive Management, Hackerview classifies every issue within a specific issue category or a risk scorecard. Each of these scorecards will deal with highly specific issues and be assigned its own grade rating.

HackerView currently supports 11 different issue categories, or Risk Scorecards, which encompass over 90 different issues.

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