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Issue Management

Detect issues present on your cyber assets and utilize provided remediation steps to resolve them effectively.

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Identify your security issues

HackerView uses passive and non-intrusive methods to identify security issues on your digital assets.

High level of accuracy

With our data obsession, all data points must be specific, relevant, and with no false positives.

Updated list of your issues

Stay up-to-date with a prioritized list of your security issues, as all data points are continuously refreshed.

User-friendly issues interface

Enjoy an intuitive interface that allows you to assign issues and update progress status with convenience easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HackerView utilizes Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and in-house built tools to carry out its scanning activities.

HackerView is an external attack surface management platform. It only performs passive and non-intrusive scanning to ensure no noise is created within your system logs or any interruption is caused to your business operations.

The frequency of scanning activity conducted by HackerView will depend on the currently subscribed plan.

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