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External Attack Surface Management

Your External Security Posture at a Glance

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Get day one value without configurations or installations

Day one visibility and control for you, the end-user of your organization's external security posture. Does not require any input, installation, or configuration.

Automated digital assets inventory

HackerView gives you an inventory of your genuine digital assets in cyberspace and offers a graphical representation of your organization's external attack surface.

Identify all known and unknown (Shadow IT) assets.

Discovery and mapping of all digital assets that may have been created with or without your knowledge, under the ownership of your organization.

Daily monitoring of digital assets

Enables you to identify and address new assets and issues in a tangible and measurable manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

External Attack Surface Management (EASM) continuously identifies, monitors, and secures an organization's externally-facing or publicly accessible assets. This process enables organizations to address weaknesses, misconfigurations, and potential entry points that adversaries could exploit to gain unauthorized access or cause harm.

Any digital asset, such as a domain, subdomain, or IP address that anyone on the internet can access, is an externally-facing or publicly accessible asset.

As organizations grow, keeping track of and recording all the various External Assets becomes cumbersome. Often, an organization ends up deploying more assets than needed and then forgetting about them. These assets are termed Rogue assets or Shadow Assets. External Attack Surface Management provided by CTM360 helps tackle this issue by using pivoting points within your external attack surface to identify and link additional assets related to your organization.

The platform can pivot via various points such as WHOIS Records, Reverse WHOIS records, DNS Entries, SSL Certificates, and more.

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