Digital Risk Management

Increasing presence on social, mobile and web-based channels present digital risks to companies. All exposed assets and their vulnerabilities can be tracked by CTM360 DRM service.


Integrated Services of Digital Risk Management

Digital Risk Monitoring remains an integral component into improving the security posture of any organisation. CTM360’s DRM service centers around a Cyber Asset Register that inventories, categorizes and audits all assets to ensure open, internet-facing assets are identified, scrutinized and fortified.

Through this method, member organizations have a complete snapshot of their existence in cyberspace, empowering themselves to track their own digital footprint and eliminating glaring, as well as the not so obvious, security blind spots.

The four components that combine to form a solid Digital Risk Management offering are all integrated and share data across the platform.

Cyber Footprint

The internet presence of organizations is growing rapidly every day; social media profiles, job portal profiles, mobile applications and cloud services form the...

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Hacker View

As part of good technical house keeping, it is essential for organizations to monitor the risks associated with their assets in cyberspace. For this purpose, our...

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Domain Registration Alert & Auditing System

Spread out over two dashboards, this alert and audit system provides a single view to review domain registration records across all your domain registrars...

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Cyber Risk Monitor

An extension of our EXCOM & Board Briefings service, the cyber risk monitor scrutinizes business risks, in report form. An increasingly important agenda item...

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