Brand Protection

Ensure protection of your corporate, VIP, and celebrity cyber identities.


About Brand Protection

CTM360 Brand Protection service is geared towards corporations looking to safeguard their identity on the internet. CTM360 offers a comprehensive platform for continuous monitoring, management and response to potential and actual threats against corporate and VIP Brands.

The current online climate remains volatile with anyone capable of undertaking anything in the virtual world; this puts the reputation of companies and individuals at the risk of infringement or illegal usage.

For high-profile entities threats can result in loss of control over their own digital identities. From a cybersecurity perspective, consistency in delivery, constant vigilance and a maturity in service remains key. Often perpetuated via social media, email or via the world wide web, brand infringement and abuse cases hold the potential to snowball into catastrophic problems.

At CTM360, it is noted that only a determined attitude can control brand abuse and enable entities to counter infringing content. Maintaining a strong posture in such an environment remains essential.

Corporate Brand Protection

Reputation losses, identity theft, financial scams and board level drama are only some of costs associated with inadequate brand protection practices or an ineffective provider...

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VIP and Celebrity Brand Protection

CTM360 has recently seen an increase in threats targeting high profile individuals and celebrities on social media, fake news pages and data leakage websites...

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Requiring specialized detection methods, a high degree of urgency in takedowns and quick analytics of the true scale behind the attack, phishing attacks remain a true test of fortitude...

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