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2023-24 ThreatScape Report: Analysis of 2023 Global CTI Reports
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Cybersecurity risk posture in a glance
External Surface Attack Management

An organization’s risk exposure is reflected in its attack surface, i.e., the multiple routes an attacker could take to orchestrate an attack. Understanding the mindset of an attacker is the best way to protect your organization from any threat that might face it


The CTM360 Cyber Incident Response Team performs UNLIMITED response actions on our member’s behalf to neutralize threats on the internet. Moreover, CTM360 CIRT is accredited with global relationships across global registrars, hosts, social media platforms and more.

Surface Deep & Dark Web Intelligence

CTM360 ingests large volumes of data from the surface, deep and dark web, with a focus to detect potential threats targeting your organization, its brands, executives and digital assets

Cloud Threat Intelligence

The biggest challenge affecting the cyber threat intelligence community is hunting targeted attacks towards specific organizations. It also remains imperative such attacks are caught early at the reconnaissance or weaponization phases of the cyber kill chain.

Cloud Threat Hunting

Cloud Threat Hunting entails identification of threat vectors and pivoting across data points to identify targeted attacks and additional campaigns. Requires an agile mindset and relevant expertise for precise investigations and extracting an incident from an event.

Brand Protection & Anti Phishing

A lot of work goes behind the establishment of a brand, and CTM360 is there to safeguard your efforts. Protect and prevent brand infringement and potential impersonations targeting your brand or executives.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Information overload brings about anxiety and may hamper your ability to make right decisions at the right time. With the continuous influx of cyber attack news and intelligence, it only makes sense to distinguish what is an alert specific to your organization, industry or region.

Data Leakage Protection

The infinite depths of cyberspace can carry a lot of information, some of which may contain your organization’s intentionally or unintentionally leaked confidential or sensitive information.

Online Anti-Fraud

Cyberspace has given cybercriminals multiple channels to commit financial frauds and investment scams in the name of your brand and executive management. Fraudsters regularly conduct social engineering and provide investment schemes that are too good to be true.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management

DeepSCAN – is seamlessly integrated as an add-on to the existing HackerView platform, providing users with an extended range of security checks with validation.

Vendor Risk Compliance

VendorControls is a comprehensive Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) tool developed by CTM360, designed to enhance and simplify the vendor risk assessment process across the organisation’s third parties including the supply chain

Secure Email delivery (DMARC)

DMARC360 is a fully automated email security platform that assists you to effectively to adopt and implement the DMARC framework across your attack surface.