Data Leakage Protection

Data Leakage Protection

The infinite depths of cyberspace can carry a lot of information, some of which may contain your organization’s intentionally or unintentionally leaked confidential or sensitive information. Our platform keeps you up to date with the latest data leaks on a global scale and alerts of any critical situations. CTM360 collaborates with various vendors across the globe to give you the maximum value and ability to extract data from cyberspace whenever possible.

Exposed Credentials

Check if your organization’s and employee credentials are present in one of the global leaked data dumps.

Code Repositories

Detect and monitor files and code associated with your organization and leverage relevant response actions to remove.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Seek out all PII such as credit cards, social security numbers, address, drivers license, locations, and more that is relevant to your organization which have been leaked on the web.

Credit/Debit Card Monitoring

Detect & monitor leaked cards & BIN numbers issued from your organization across the surface, deep and dark web.

File-Sharing Platforms

Monitor file sharing websites to identify unauthorized sharing of your organization's files.

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