Targeted Threat Intelligence

Gain Visibility Into Emerging Threats with CyberBlindspot



Take action on incidents derived from threat intelligence that is directly linked to your organization.


We want to ensure that you have your security needs covered from all angles.

Leverage global threat intelligence from the Surface, Deep & Dark web tagged to your assets so you know precisely what is targeting you.

Use this threat intelligence to view, manage and prioritize action on incidents.

Deep dive into Darknet monitoring and unravel your organization’s data.

Go beyond Indicators of Compromise using Indicators of Warning and Indicators of Attack so that your teams can manage threats before they impact you.

Tremendous amounts of threats can be projected in Cyberspace, making it overwhelming for your security teams.

The CyberBlindspot platform enables you to Capture, Curate, and Manage your threat intelligence feeds to ensure relevance and accuracy.

Detection SummarySummary of incoming events and fltered into potential incidents Total Events Generated Filtered Events Threats Detected 3,345,334 2,609,834 1,350,495 Incident by SourceIncidents classifed based on the layer in web Clear web 114,085 Dark web 309 Deep web 1,048,27 Incident Type High Medium LowBreached Credential Suspicious Mobile Apps Exposed Email Address Unauthorized Association Executive Impersonation Job Scam Brand Impersonation Targeted Malware Card Leaks 5,469 Select Time Period New Executive Impersonation6 hours ago Cybersquatting Domain3 hours ago New Phishing Site2 hours ago Exposed Email Addressan hour ago Incident FeedReal time feed of incidents generated for various threat feeds Breached Credential41 minutes ago Incidents Classifcation Your Organization Dashboard TAILORED INTELLIGENCEINTERNET INTELLIGENCEADVERSARY INTELLIGENCEATTACK SURFACEDOMAIN MONITORSETTINGS Phishing 34 Job Scam 1734 Targeted Malware 753 Breached Credential 714


  • Open Source intelligence
  • Tailored threat intelligence
  • Infrastructure search engines
  • News, blogs, paste sites, and hacker forums


  • Utilize in-house, open-source, and commercial enrichment systems
  • Rule-based and heuristic-based pattern matching.
  • A scoring mechanism for noise reduction.


  • Triage and prioritize detected threats based on risk-level
  • Manual and automated workflows to threats in a timely manner
  • Feed result back into the system for rapid learning.


Social Media Monitoring

Monitor for various frauds such as brand and executive impersonation across the the social media landscape.

Domain Infringement

Detect typosquatting domains from a vast stream of incoming domain feeds, to identify harmful domains at an early stage.

Phishing Detection & Remediation

Proactively detect and disrupt phishing pages at an early stage before they can cause any harm.

Rogue Mobile App detection

Detect and monitor rogue mobile application being published in 100+ official and non-official app stores.

Credit card Monitoring

Detect compromised credit cards being published in data dumps or other underground forums and paste sites.

VIP & Executive Protection

Identify impersonating accounts and secure the critical digital assets belonging to VIPs, executives and personnel.

Targeted Malware

Detect suspicious malware and executable files that have a relevant association to your organization.

Hacker Chatter

Continuously monitor underground forums and communication channels, for mention of your organization or executive in the context of data leaks or brand abuse.

Data Leak Detection

Monitor unwanted exposure to protect your organization against external cyber threats.