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2023-24 ThreatScape Report: Analysis of 2023 Global CTI Reports
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Our Strategy

A strategic approach to achieve our Goals

To maximize cooperation and community participation


CTM360 has established a Cyber Threat Management community platform that leverages the 3Cs of Communication, Collaboration, Coordination. Driven by the zeal of our group we believe in delivering clear and measurable value for all partners (i.e. customers, regulators, vendors, and employees). We believe in:
Diversity and collective efforts as a binding strength
Collective action for better policies and effective action-plans
Trust as a founding pillar to stimulate constructive thought
To provide actionable cyber intelligence


Many security vendors are adept at generating intelligence feeds; we generate our own as well. Question is what is an actionable incident for an organization among vast streams of data. We believe such challenges are only addressed with a determined team and agile technology; with input feeds available from multiple sources, it is essential to identify correlations early and pinpoint incidents wholly relevant to specific organizations.
Next comes the challenge of Incident Response this requires a determined mindset that is not deterred by any hurdle and one that tirelessly works towards the ultimate objectives of containment and eradication of any incident. To achieve all this, we:
Continuously enhance our detection context parameters
Grow detection and response relevant relationships across the globe
Continuously find alternatives to challenges on incident response
Be agile and fluid in response


Cyber threats evolve without notice; In response, effective cyber risk management requires innovation on the fly. We have designed our business with response agility in mind and continuously seek to improve our offerings via:
Modular technology development that adopt quick changes
Cultivation of new ideas for immediate threat response
Innovative problem solving to continuously deliver value to members