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Reducing your attack surface is often far more effective than spending more on defensive technologies. As organizations scale, they leave entry points and vulnerabilities open for bad actors to exploit such as weakness in your online presence like social media accounts, domains, ssl certificates and more. As part of Attack Surface Reduction, CTM360 enables your team to reduce an attacker’s visibility into the organization whilst assisting you in enhancing control over your cyber assets . With an extensive inventory curated and managed by CTM360, we also map out misconfigurations or misalignments that are visible from an external perspective. CTM360’s platform empowers your organization to identify and assess all cyber assets and their vulnerabilities in cyberspace.

Cloud Asset Discovery & Shadow IT

Discover and manage your organization’s presence on various platforms, networks, social mediums, digital certificate issuing authorities and domain registrars that are relevant or associated with your organization. CTM360’s asset discovery capabilities ensure you gain visibility across all digital assets, vastly improving productivity and efficiency within the organization.

Digital Footprint Protection and Monitoring

Your digital footprint, irrespective of your organization’s size, may already be larger than you think and will likely continue to grow thus expanding on your risk profile. Take advantage of CTM360’s Footprint Protection offering visibility on genuine assets and providing recommendations on remediation of relevant vulnerabilities. Furthermore our platform continuously monitors any changes to alert on non-compliance or a suspected unauthorized change within the inventoried cyber assets. 

Cyber Security Risk Scorecard

Cyber Security readiness is a measure for the executive management, enabling a monitor on the progress as well a benchmark with peers. This is accomplished via a straight-forward A-to-F grade Cyber Security Risk Scorecard. Within this scorecard, your organization’s vulnerabilities are visualized from a hacker’s point of view. We also closely coordinate with your team in a planned way to provide you with valuable insights on all vulnerabilities and associated risks to your digital presence and utilize recommended resolutions whilst prioritizing critical vulnerabilities. 

Digital Risk Management

Reduce overall cyber risks by strengthening and monitoring your digital footprint. This is achieved by identifying, assessing and addressing risks based on criticality and priority. CTM360 provides a 24x7x365 ability for management of digital risks that may potentially impact your organization. 

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