Threat-Hunting & Neutralizing in Cyberspace

Threat-Hunting in Cyberspace

What detection is to threats inside an organization, threat hunting is to cyberspace. This dynamic capability acts as an effective counter measure against old and new cyber threats. CTM360’s offensive defense perspective ensures that not only are members protected against impending threats on the internet, but that all areas of suspicion or malicious intent are neutralized.

Threat hunting remains a refined science and needs constant calibration to suit the needs of every organization. Since no two organizations have the same parameters, this increases complexity, the need for consistency and an open mindedness to face new threat types.

Quality of hunted data provided is paramount and business-critical. CTM360’s rich contextual parameter correlation engine is the heartbeat of the detection and threat hunting process. This engine consists of bespoke algorithms that harness the power of automation coupled with dynamic human interaction.

With the CTM360 threat hunting service in cyberspace, every cyber threat is fair game and open to scrutiny under one agile platform. Since cyber threats are evolving, the CTM360 dashboard works hard to keep up and include new threat types with consistency and ease. With consistent service, an on going drive to improve, a collaborative mind-set and the right tools at hand, CTM360 remains highly capable of invading the attacker’s territory to stop attacks before they impact your perimeter.

Threat-Neutralizing in Cyberspace

With great detection, comes great responsibility to mitigate, respond and ultimately neutralize an attack. The CTM360 threat neutralizing module reflects the company’s desire to never give up in the face of an evolving cyber threat landscape. Challenges, often unseen, may come but the ability and hardened mind-set to find a solution needs to prevail. Ranging from social media fraud to suspicious mobile apps, cases of data leakage to BEC, CTM360 performs threat neutralizing on up to 40 different threat types through the company’s centralized back-end CIRU dashboard. Visually, the results are conveyed through the rich front-end Incident Management Portal.

Resolution of every and any cyber threat is not simple and with multiple factors that can impact the process, there is always something that may go astray (similar to how life works). Only those that have a tireless attitude to stop threat types remain in a position to pursue this business; CTM360 is one of the leaders when it comes to having this determination / ability to tackle known threats and navigating through the unseen.

CTM360 has become adept at neutralizing threats from the sheer volume of threat types that the company has seen. Catering some of the largest entities in multiple countries, the company is continually looking to improve and not merely be chasing cyber attacks as they happen.