EXCOM Board Briefings

CTM360’s management understands the sensitivities of board rooms towards the topic of security and provides an insightful look into how cybersecurity looks from the frontlines.


About EXCOM Board Briefings

The war between attackers, targeted or otherwise, and security practitioners is continuous and evolving but injecting industry jargon in a board room setting often adds a layer of confusion. Adding to the complexity are differing agendas, diverging interest levels and increasing information fatigue all factors causing decision paralysis.

CTM360 EXCOM and Board briefings are geared towards reconciling the agenda of corporate leaders with their security needs. Aware of the cyber threat landscape as it changes, CTM360 briefs security and non-security heads via information in a concise, contained and understandable format. Mission of these briefings are to match the interests of business, operational and financial risk with all technical and non-technical teams.

Note: Inclusion of the CTM360 brand in these briefings is not necessary. Our objective remains to aid the industry to overcome challenges and enable organizations to overcome fear and inaction when it comes to the topic of cyberspace and security issues.