Hacker View

Gain insights into the health of your organization by understanding all risks associated with different parameters of the company's online existence.

100% Automated with Real-time Scoring

Raising flags on the go, the cyber asset vulnerability system is a snapshot view of all outstanding vulnerabilities facing your organization

As part of good technical house-keeping, it is essential for organizations to monitor the risks associated with their assets in cyberspace. For this purpose, our feature-rich dashboard enables security heads to monitor and audit vulnerabilities on an on-going basis; the data is highly relevant to the business and does not merely scrape data from public sources.

Our intention is to provide a global analysis of the indicators that are critical to running virtual operations smoothly. All assessments and analysis is automated and allows security teams to quickly identify red-flag cases, while continuously also working on less-pressing but often overlooked problems. Following extensive assessment, we have base-lined multiple factors in the back-end and streamlined all the complexity to filter information in an intuitive interface.

The Hacker View dashboard is an integrated part of CTM360's Digital Risk Management portfolio and subsequently feeds, as well as contributes, data across the platform.

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The Hacker View module that CTM360 provides has a graphical dashboard that visually represents the vulnerabilities of your company's cyber assets.

CTM360 can monitor and enforce protection of all cyber assets of an organization, to ensure the safety and security of the online presence and interactions, all in real-time.

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