Cyber Risk Monitor

Rationalize your cyber risks prioritize and focus on risks based on business acumen.

Constructing Cyber Risk Reports

We assist the Board and Exec Management in making informed decisions

An extension of our EXCOM & Board Briefings service, the cyber risk monitor scrutinizes business risks, in report form. An increasingly important agenda item across Board Rooms today are cyber risks and this is where executive management and board members are struggling to incorporate the impact of cyber risks on their business objectives.

Alongside, the CxO's are also challenged to put together a meaningful Cyber Risk Report. With the dynamic threat landscape and the increasing probability of cyber attacks, such reports are a complex task.

Our Cyber Risk Monitor assists member organizations in formulating these reports, customized to their specific context and business needs.

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Our Services

Our team of dedicated cyber threat analysts actively monitor your threat landscape, resulting in an accurate and up-to-date risk report.

Not only do we provide an intuitive report that summarizes and simplifies all of the important details about potential cyber risks, but also provide tailored reports that are specific to your organization's needs.

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