Cyber Footprint

We inventorize, correlate and audit multiple parameters of your organization's internet assets. Offering summary insights for boards and detailed classifications by attributes for practitioners, the cyber footprint system thrives on automation.

Protect your Cyber Footprint

Know your Internet Assets

The internet presence of organizations is growing rapidly every day; social media profiles, job portal profiles, mobile applications and cloud services form the tip of the iceberg. For organizations, this creates the possibility of various trails of information being published on the internet. It is an enormous challenge to keep track of all the internet assets, especially when they are dependent or outsourced to third parties.

The CTM360 Cyber Footprint Management module enables organizations to remain aware of their overall exposure on the worldwide web. This management system gives a holistic overview of a company’s corporate identity as seen by anyone in the public domain and enables stakeholders to monitor and manage security gaps. This module is fully integrated into the CTM360 Dashboard, enabling our clients to perform real-time or periodically scheduled audits of their internet assets.

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Automation reigns supreme.

Armed with only the brand name of your organization, the automated cyber footprint module works hard to populate all relevant information about your organization in the online realm. Size of the organization is irrelevant.

The automated Cyber Footprint module that CTM360 provides has a graphical dashboard that visually represents the online presence of your company. CTM360 can monitor and enforce protection of all cyber assets of an organization, to ensure the safety and security of the online presence and interactions, all in an on going fashion.

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