VIP & Celebrity Brand Protection

If you are a high-profile celebrity, VIP or well-known personality, there is a good chance that your identity has been misused online.

We Protect Your Online Identity

Fake accounts, hacking, bullying and impersonations are common problems that affect famous individuals and companies daily.

CTM360 has recently seen an increase in threats targeting high profile individuals and celebrities on social media, fake news pages and data leakage websites.

Not addressing the problem is usually not the best answer and remains counter-productive. If such scams and attack campaigns are allowed to continue unchecked and unaccountable, this may encourage the attacker to enhance the campaign and make the targeted personality or brand more sought after by cyber criminals.

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What Can Be Done?

CTM360’s Cyber Threat Management offering allows them to identify and prevent online attacks against their personal or corporate identity, without installing or granting access to any of their personal data. The service provider should have a 24 x 7 x 365 Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) with the ability to scan the internet with a cyber attacker’s point of view and acts as their dedicated cyber security team online.

The service providers mission is to ensure that all subscribed individuals evolve to be a harder target and are protected against online abuse, scams and attacks. This is precisely what Team CTM360 is providing. The company detects and responds to threats in coordination with the global cybersecurity community, including registrars, hosts etc., whilst also tracking and resolving threats against individuals on different media sites.

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Corporate Brand Protection

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