Corporate Brand Protection

Companies, big or small, need to protect their identities in cyberspace.

Protecting Your Corporate Brand

Our team can assist your corporate brand in maintaining its identity and integrity

Reputation losses, identity theft, financial scams and board level drama are only some of costs associated with inadequate brand protection practices or an ineffective provider. Subsequently, CTM360 realizes the value of great threat hunting and neutralizing to protect the integrity of brands and their esteemed names.

In the big and broad world of cyberspace there is no constant and the space remains highly attractive for all kinds of threat actors; allowing criminals the liberty of time and space to reduce the value of a brand can be disheartening. Do not allow third parties to disparage your organization’s name or claim association without your consent.

Some examples of corporate brand protection include social media fraud, suspicious mobile applications, phishing sites, cyber evil twin sites, cyber-squatted domains etc.

CTM360 started off as a brand protection & anti-phishing provider for the banking and financial services sector; on an ongoing basis, this space remains a key area of specialization.

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Our Services

With the capabilities of cyber attackers ever increasing, we aim to reduce the criticality of any potential damage they could cause against your brand.

Our highly skilled cyber incident management team ensures that any impersonators or other brand damaging attackers are discovered and dealt with in a timely manner, protecting your brand image.

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VIP and Celebrity Brand Protection

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Requiring specialized detection methods, a high degree of urgency in takedowns and quick analytics of the true scale behind the attack, phishing attacks remain a true test of fortitude...

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