CTM360 provides a comprehensive Anti-Phishing service to identify and remediate against phishing attacks.


About Anti-Phishing

Requiring specialized detection methods, a high degree of urgency in takedowns and quick analytics of the true scale behind the attack, phishing attacks remain a true test of fortitude for most vendors - only the strong prevail!

Phishing is an attempt by criminals to trick users into giving away confidential information. Through carefully crafted websites and emails to error-riddled websites, phish sites often encourage users to share passwords, login details, social security numbers and / or bank account details. Phishing attacks are often delivered via email and claim urgency, i.e. a need to reset a password or offering instant riches to the potential victims. Even the eagle-eyed user may sometimes be conned into believing that a fake website is genuine.

As part of the Anti-Phishing service, CTM360 deploys effective technologies and tools to safeguard a company against a pervasive threat. Heavily seen in the banking and financial industries, phishing capitalizes when users have their guards down. Social engineering also remains a key component of phishing pages where the trickster attempts to fool users into specific decisions. After all, the human element in the most perfect of set ups can ultimately lead to a large-scale compromise. In recent time, CTM360 has seen a mutated form of phishing websites, or evil twin sites - these require an even higher degree of capability in detection and remediation

Currently, CTM360 offers its result-oriented Anti-Phishing service to more than 30+ banks.

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