Our Platform

CTM360's comprehensive platform encompasses the following technologies:
Threat Manager

Threat Manager

Manage Incidents & Automate Actions through our Threat Manager platform.

CTM360’s ‘Threat Manager’ enables businesses to eradicate cyber risk from an external point of view. Our comprehensive platform provides the full Digital Risk Protection Technology stack from the underlying foundations all the way up to the highest security necessity. We want to ensure that you have your security needs covered from all angles. The Threat manager was built to simplify cybersecurity for all members in an organization; tackling threats made simpler.

Cyber Footprint

Cyber Footprint

We live in a new age, where everything is online, digital, and saved in the cloud. With this ease of operation, it can be challenging to keep track of all our online assets. Our Cyber Footprint dashboard allows you to easily view, maintain and monitor all of your digital assets.
Get to know the size of your cyber footprint and take control of internet presence via a comprehensive inventory of your cyber assets.

  • As part of Digital Risk Management, view your genuine assets, including corporate profiles, mobile apps, websites, domains, DNS & IP ranges, SSL certificates, executive identities, etc.
  • Enable all stakeholders to manage and take control of their genuine assets in cyberspace.
Cyber Blindspot (CBS)

Cyber Blindspot (CBS):

Noise-Reduction in Cyberspace

Tremendous amounts of threats can be projected in Cyberspace, making it overwhelming for your security teams. The Cyber Blindspot enables you to Prioritize, Manage, and Automate your threat intelligence feeds to ensure relevance and accuracy.

Take action on incidents derived from threat intelligence that is directly linked to your organization.

  • Leverage global threat intelligence from the Surface, Deep & Dark web tagged to your assets so you know precisely what is targeting you.
  • Deep dive into Darknet monitoring and unravel your organization’s data.
  • Use this threat intelligence to view, manage and prioritize action on incidents.
  • Go beyond Indicators of Compromise using Indicators of Warning and Indicators of Attack so that your teams can manage threats before they impact you.
Hacker View

Hacker View

Hackers perceive your organization’s vulnerabilities differently, they start off by analysing your cyber footprint data and then target the vulnerabilities. Save yourself the trouble and perceive your footprint from the eye of the attacker so you can tackle vulnerabilities instantly as they arise. With a full-on grading system and an overall cyber risk score card, Hackerview enables you to evaluate and assess risks/ bleeding points based on priority this can include your SSL, DNS, Open ports, Social media, email security and more..

Gain insight from a hacker’s point of view on vulnerabilities in your cyber footprint.

  • Fortify your cybersecurity posture and make your organization a harder target.
  • Gain insights on all vulnerabilities and associated risks to your digital presence.
  • Utilize recommended resolutions and prioritize critical vulnerabilities.

Rationalize your cyber risks, prioritize and focus on risks based on business acumen.

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On Demand Analysis

On Demand Analysis

As the cyber threats constantly evolve and your security matters to us, our platform is fully able to provide you with the necessary analysis as per your requirements at any given threat with the added recommended course of action.

Domain Register

Domain Register

CTM360 curates and manages an inventory of an organization’s domain portfolio, giving end-users visibility across the attack surface of their organization. This attack surface mapping enables a consolidated one-window view of all domains, be it key or dormant. There are then many use cases that are driven by the domain register and facilitates a member’s stakeholders to be alerted on domain changes and manage their portfolio as per best practices.



As much as we’d like to believe our data is safe when signing up on third party sites, there is no 100% guarantee. Websites get hacked every day, and the sooner you know, the better.

It’s no secret that your employees may use their corporate email ID to sign up for services your organization may need; Get alerts and know who got breached using your organization’s credentials in global hacks.

BreachDB serves as an archive of global data from breaches containing exposed credentials. Currently catalogs 11+ billion leaked credentials.

  • Utilize a database of your employee’s breached credentials to enforce password changes.
  • Close gaps on credential related threats and avoid misuse of your organization’s credentials.

BreachDB can be used as a standalone service, for any organization to use.

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Incident Management

Incident Management

With a massive amount of threats coming in everyday, it can be difficult to manage. Our incident management dashboard can help solve this issue by enabling you to manage multiple incidents at a time, prioritize incidents based on severity and automating your course of action against specific types of threats. This dashboard provides you with a full- view of your incidents, types, and attack details are provided to help you make rational decisions.

Additionally, we’ll alert you as soon as a new incident arises to keep you up to date with threats against your organization. Our team of analysts are available to help address any situation that may arise.

Manage and respond to all elements of cyberattacks targeting your organization in the Surface, Deep and Dark web.

  • Proactively manage qualified threats* targeting your organization.
  • Prioritize incidents leveraging a robust severity classification system.
  • Initiate analysis on-demand and eliminate uncertainty.
  • Reduce workload on internal teams and maximize efficiency
Cyber Incident Response Unit - CIRU

Cyber Incident Response Unit - CIRU

We understand the hassle of juggling day to day tasks, responding to external and internal threats, and we’re here to support you in strengthening your security posture. Our Threat Manager portal is backed by a fully ready 24x7x365 Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) which responds and neutralizes threats in cyberspace as your outsourced team.

  • Neutralize threats via shutdowns, unlimited takedowns & more via CTM360® CIRT.
  • Take action against all threat types based on an open scope and unlimited credits
  • One of the world’s most comprehensive reporting systems, which contains full details of registrars, registries, social media hosts, etc.




In the world of Cybersecurity, trusted collaboration is a two-pronged challenge, more like a paradox. You cannot have timely and effective security without receiving certain knowledge on current attacks. At the least, you want reassurance by discussing with peers in other organizations that may be facing a similar attack or may have had a similar recent experience. On the flip side, you worry about divulging security incident issues to outsiders as that may lead to an adverse impact on your organization. Simply put, you want to know what happened to others but you don’t want to let anyone know what happened with you.

TRUST360 is a platform where a trusted, closed group of security professionals can collaborate on:

  • Sharing security news that has relevance to their local banking industry.
  • Share security alerts that may require urgent action.
  • Develop and publish security advisories, policies, and controls that they deem useful for their local banking industry.
  • Have trusted discussions in public (limited to users within the group) or private groups with the option to participate anonymously (with an alias).
  • The members of this community are all trusted and relevant staff working within the banking sector.
Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

The threat landscape is rapidly evolving with new threats, vulnerabilities,  and more. We’re here to inform you about the latest trending security topics such as data breaches,  system vulnerabilities or threat actors.  Be it regional, global or industry-specific, our platform can provide you with the relevant analysis and recommended security measures to keep your organization’s security optimal.

Become stronger with cyber news, alerts, campaigns, actionable advisories, and research reports.

  • Acquire in-depth analysis and recommendations to combat threats.
  • Take necessary precautions according to the latest trending threats.
  • Gain regional and industry-specific context on current and evolving threats.