Online Anti-Fraud

Cyberspace has given cyber criminals multiple channels to commit financial frauds associated with your brand and executive management. CTM360 provides comprehensive detection and response on all variations of such scams & frauds across cyberspace, including but not limited to:

Social Media Fraud

Detection and Takedown any pages that may impersonate your corporate brand or executive management for malicious activities to deliver financial scams.

Advance Fee Fraud

Detect and Takedown scams that leverage your brand’s reputation to request an advanced fee in return for services that are bogus and will never be delivered.

Doorway Pages

Eliminate ‘Spamdexed’ web pages targeting your brand from search engines. Such pages use a variety of techniques such as leveraging from your executive management, spreading fake news, and more via free domain registration

Binary & Crypto Fraud

Detect all Binary Options Trading and Cryptocurrency scams which involve brand abuse, bogus sites, identity theft, misrepresentation, software manipulations, and unauthorized articles.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Fraud

Cybercriminals commonly leverage spoofing or lookalike domains as a means to get financial gains, as well as impersonating upper management to finance teams (whaling). Prevent, detect, and respond to any incidents impersonating your organization using emails using look-alike domains through CTM360’s advanced detection methods.

Recruitment Scams

Monitor and mitigate scams using your organization’s name to lure job seekers and potential employees into advance fee fraud scams.

Money Mules

We identify and report money mules attempting to transfer funds from your organization to fake accounts using intermediaries.

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