Amazon S3 is one of the leading cloud storage solutions offered by Amazon and is used by companies globally to power various tasks and operations. There are thousands of data breach incidents caused by the misconfiguration of security settings within Amazon S3 Buckets. One of the reasons is that companies use Amazon S3 buckets with weak user access permissions which allow attackers to exploit these misconfigured buckets.


Examples of Misconfigured S3 Buckets:

  • Admin sets permissions which allow everyone to access the S3 buckets which may include confidential data.
  • Accidently configure the buckets to be publicly available and give full access to an attacker

Amazon S3 permissions and associated security risks:

The buckets and objects in S3 storage have permissions along with the risks associated with them. Misconfiguration occurs when everyone is able to access the bucket where permissions are not in place. Consequences of misconfiguration can be severe, as administrator’s negligence in setting proper permissions allows the attacker to gain access to confidential and critical data resulting in a corporate reputational loss, lower customer retention rates, or even face legal repercussions.

Administrators should frequently check permissions to avoid any issues of leaking sensitive data, as attackers can even replace legit files by malicious ones for various malicious activities.

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