Domain Registration Alerts & Auditing System

Manage your all of your domain footprints and registrations with ease.

Domain Registration Alerts & Auditing System

We provide you with a single-view to review domain registration records across all your domain registrars

Spread out over two dashboards, this alert and audit system provides a single-view to review domain registration records across all your domain registrars.

As organizations expand their internet presence, their overall domain portfolio also grows. Most have multiple TLDs, gTLDs and cc-TLDs registered across multiple registrars, with registrations often done through different stakeholders within the same company (e.g. IT, marketing, legal or projects departments). Such practices often leave the company vulnerable to human errors and various forms of cyber attacks.

The CTM360 Domain CHK module was developed to address the above issues. We provide entities with a comprehensive system to know their domain registration vulnerabilities, whilst enabling them to monitor and continuously audit their domain inventory.

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Our Services

We gather and update various important information about all of the registered domains of an organization, on a regular basis to keep our findings accurate.

In addition to collecting the data, we also provide analysis of the registered domains to allow valuable information to be presented to enhance the safety and security of your company's online presence.

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