Why should you get your account verified?

Team CTM360 takes action on hundreds of fake profiles daily and part of the requirements to take down such profiles is to provide the host with the genuine profile of the individual or brand that is being impersonated. Social media hosts are able to shut down the fake profiles faster if the impersonated individual or brand has a verified account on their platform.

Moreover, this helps people verify that they have found the intended account they are searching for, at a glance they’ll be able to differentiate between a fan account and a genuine account of the individual or brand they’re looking for. A verified account is also a status symbol and a way to establish brand credibility online. Within a world of fake news and widespread media mistrust, verification of social media accounts will be more critical than ever in 2020.

Benefits of verified accounts

  • It helps your page show up higher in search results so that potential customers can easily find your account.
  • Some platforms offer verified users access to more tools.
  • This verified checkmark will help others trust your brand

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