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There are currently 16 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Supervisory control and data acquisition. [ Type: Terminology ]
A form of social engineering where victims are tricked into thinking that their device is infected with a virus, encouraging them to download an anti virus software, which in fact is malicious. [ Type: Terminology ]
Search Engine Optimization SEO
The process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results. [ Type: Terminology ]
Search Engine ranking
Refers to the position at which a particular site appears in the results of a search engine query. [ Type: Analysis ]
Security News feeds
A security news feed is list of newly published security news content on a website. [ Type: Data ]
Shadow IT
Or Stealth IT, is a term often used to describe information-technology assets without explicit IT approval. [ Type: Terminology ]
Shutting down of Content and Websites related to Phishing Activities. Asking host to takedown certain content. [ Type: Response ]
Skill Squatting
An attack which takes advantage of speech recognition systems' errors. Example: A person with bad intent can create a malicious mobile application called Ramazon. When a user tries to install Amazon application on their phone using voice commands, the voice recognition system might hear "Ramazon" instead of "Amazon" and end up downloading the malicious application. [ Type: Terminology ]
SMS as the carrier of Phish URL. [ Type: Attack ]
Social Media Fraud
Suspicious Profiles on any social media websites that have association with the client. [ Type: Terminology ]
Socialbots are software's programmed to behave like humans on social media by posting pictures, retweeting, and even chatting with people. Socialbots can be used for malicious purposes such as distorting public opinion during political campaigns, marketing, and spreading scams. [ Type: Terminology ]
Spam feed
A feed of identified spam mails. [ Type: Data ]
Spam Feed Processing
Scoring various aspects of a spam email, often with a different weightage. [ Type: Analysis ]
Spear Phishing
Spear phishing is an email or electronic communications scam targeted towards a specific individual, organization or business. Although often intended to steal data for malicious purposes, cybercriminals may also intend to install malware on a targeted user’s computer. [ Type: Attack ]
It is a technique used to hide the existence of a message, files, or any other information. For example, hiding a text message inside an image file to avoid being discovered (Data hidden within data). [ Type: Terminology ]
Suspicious Mobile App
Mobile App published on the internet claiming to be published by client's organization. [ Type: Terminology ]